Terms & Conditions

1. Statutory RIghts

The terms and conditions of this agreement are designed to ensure the completion to the satisfaction of the contract. These terms and conditions shall not affect the statuary rights of the customer.

2 Parties

This agreement is between the company and the customer and only applies to contracts for the supply and installation of goods.

3. Payment

The company quotes prices on the understanding that the customer will pay the outstanding balance in full when the work is completed to a satisfactory standard.

The customer's failure to pay the balance on satisfactory completion will constitute a breach of agreement.

4. Guarantee

The company undertakes to replace free of charge any defective UPVC windows, doors and their component parts including seal units for the period of the guarantee from the date of completion of the work upon receipt of payment in full, provided that written notice of the defect is given within 28 days of the customer becoming aware. Removal or repositioning of the installation by any person other than company personnel will invalidate the guarantee. This shall not affect your statutory rights.

5. Insolvency Protection

The customer, upon completion of the installations, will have an insurance application made on their behalf by the company to QANW.

6. Complaints

In the interest of efficiency when dealing with any query, written notice of such query must be given to the company. Unless there is reasonable justification in refusing entry, the customer shall grant the company all reasonable facility to remedy any complaints.

In the event of a dispute between the customer and the company the Plastic WIndow Federation Arbitration Service will be available to either party on request.

7. Preparation

The customer is responsible for

  • obtaining any necessary planning or other permission prior to installation
  • where necessary the removing or repositioning any pipes or cables
  • making any necessary arrangements with the regulatory authorities

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